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I am not very prolific. I’ve found that when I’m in the mood I can be very talkative, but for the most part I keep what I’m thinking to myself. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. I do think that I need to process things more/better than I currently do. Since I’m also an external processor, it makes sense, to me, to write about what I’m thinking/feeling/doing so that I can have some way to express it. I don’t plan on telling anyone about this, but if you do find it, let me know so that I can be careful about what I write. Most likely, the Scott that you may see here does not represent me very well. Hopefully I can use this as a journal of sorts, but we’ll need to see about that. That’s good for now, especially since I’m supposed to be doing some testing at the moment. I think I’ll get to it. Peace


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