Oh Gravity

So a good friend is asking a girl out today. Bummer deal is that I’m kinda interested in her too. What to do? I’m considering others interests above my own. And I think it’s the best course of action, because what would I accomplish by messing with this? I would disrupt the relationship I have with my friend and the girl would be faced with a decision that she otherwise wouldn’t need to even deal with. So I guess that I’m secretly hoping she says no to my friend so that I can pursue her, but I also think he’s a better man and would be better at pursuing her. Basically, I’m number two.

And oh yeah, Switchfoot has a concert tonight that I’m not going to.



I was basically told last night that I am observant. Erin Rippl said that I look like I am taking it all in whenever I enter a room, or I carry myself in a way that kind of sends that signal. I especially like to make observations about human interaction and my own thinking processes. Knowing yourself is so fun and being self-aware allows for a lot more self improvement than not.

and I agree with Erin, I try to be observant