Life thus far

I’m getting bored. Why isn’t life gripping me like it has before? Where’s the excitement and adventure? Am I just not seeking it or is this just a time when stuff will be boring? Or maybe life is exciting and I’m just not paying attention. Hmm, things to ponder.

Kate gets back today, I’m so excited to see her! I think that barely anything compares to that, except for this feeling of impending doom relating to finals. I’m having so much trouble studying and I lost all of yesterday for it because I went to Centenial and Andrew was completely distracting. It was pretty fun though; I want to hang out with that guy more, and not just to do homework.

Winter break is looking like it’ll be awesome. I’m missing TCX for the 4th year, but am gaining skiing in Montana with Travis and my family! I love it. Then we come back and do Christmas at the farm, followed by a week and a half of nothing planned. Then on the 12th of January I leave for California! Wow, I am so surprised that I’m actually going to do that. It’s completely spur of the moment, but I have never been to Cali and have always wanted to. I hope it’s fun. And then next semester will be sweet with my Tuesday Thursday schedule. I’m still not sure about Vines and Wines on M W nights, but Andrew wants me to stay in it, so I might.

Well, that’s as much of an update as I feel like giving right now, for all of my avid readers 🙂