Saturday Night Service

I’m really glad that I’ve started going to church on Saturday nights. I enjoy the special fellowship that I’ve been able to enjoy after the service. Specifically I’m thinking about how I could stay in the church for an hour after we are dismissed just talking with folks. Then I went to a house where a bunch of people were getting together and hung out some more. I love the BBC community!

Somethings that I liked about the service this weekend were

  1. My mom came. I really hope that she and my dad get plugged into a solid church that will lead them both more toward Christ. I think their current church is somewhat lacking in this department.
  2. Pastor John preached the Gospel! One of the things which makes me so joyful is how he is continually going back to the Gospel at the end of all of these sermons on John. It’s probably my favorite part; I find myself looking forward to it every week.
  3. Singing hymns. They are so rich in truth and hopefully stir the hearts of those who sing them (mine most certainly is stirred).

One thought on “Saturday Night Service

  1. I find myself growing to love the Downtown Sat. night service more and more as well, for a number of reasons.

    And thank you for the comment! 🙂 Have a good week…


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