Jigsaw Puzzles

So I was a sub in 6th Grade Sunday School this morning and part of the lesson involved doing jigsaw puzzles. This reminded me of the time that Taylor had a puzzle sitting on our living room table, which was really fun! When ever anyone had some time, they’d sit down and try to find a few pieces (half of the puzzle was a blue sky, not making that mistake again). This was just a great way to spend those inbetween moments, mainly because there was often another roommate working on it too, so as you’d be piecing this thing together you would generally have some sort of communication, just chatting about life and stuff.

So my idea is to constantly have jigsaw puzzles around to encourage house bonding! I think it’s a great idea, and it wasn’t immediately shot down by the few roommates that I suggested it to (though Taylor forbid puzzles with skies), so I’m gonna do it! Now I just need to actually make it to a Target or like store sometime in my life…

p.s. I hope the Lord is with me on this decision, but I am also going to stop subbing for Sunday School and join full on. I’ll have my guys from last year, I’m excited 🙂


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