Thoughts from Arizona

  • I love how old ladies wink when you smile at them (is that weird?)
  • I get excited when I get into airports
  • I love flying
  • I sat next to an 89 year old woman today at the airport in Phoenix. She had never been married. She said that she hadn’t found “the one”, and if you don’t love ’em, why marry ’em?
  • Hiking in mountains is amazing.
  • I love mountains.
  • Say the hard thing. It’s worth it.

Also, there should be an up and coming post about what the Lord has been teaching me about singleness/marriage/the like.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts from Arizona

  1. Older ladies are some of the sweetest people. Of course, I guess I’m biased, since I get to work with many of them! 🙂

    What takes you to Arizona? Do you have family there? Work trip?

  2. I was visiting a good friend who is going to grad school at ASU. He had some second cousins who lived in the area, so we spent thanksgiving with them (which was weird but a neat adventure, since neither of us knew them).

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