Talking is not always something I do well. I often talk only as long as I have a purpose or goal in the conversation. Once that goal has been reached, there is no longer any need to talk (because of course talking for the sake of getting to know someone or having any sort of relationship isn’t important).

However, the opposite can be a problem too. If I begin a conversation and am in the proper mood, or feel like you are a trustworthy person, I can talk way too much. While you consider me to be an acquaintance, I will be treating you as a long time friend. Enter awkward situations. All that simply because how we perceive each other.

Perception is an incredible thing. Think about this: not only did God create buildings, but He also created the way that those in the foreground appear to be moving faster than those in the background as we walk past. God designed how things appear to us.


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