Theology Changed My Life

I was at home today to celebrate my dad’s birthday. My mom wanted me to clean my room (even though I don’t live there), so I walked in and there were a bunch of Knowing God Personally booklets from my Campus Crusade for Christ days. My sister, who is currently involved with them on her campus, made a comment about them. I then told her that I had found a better way to share the Gospel; know it.

This really got me thinking. Throughout all college I never really had a confidence in explaining what the Gospel is. However, since I’ve started getting involved at BBC and really diving into theology, my understanding and appreciation of the Gospel has exploded! To think that the Son of God, God himself, would come, take a human body (Christmas anyone?), suffer and die a vicious, cruel death all for the sake of his people! That is good news indeed! By his sacrificial death, I can now approach the throne of the Almighty God with confidence, knowing that Jesus’ righteous life counts for my own and the wrath that all my many many many sins deserve was poured out on Christ on the cross. And that Jesus did this out of love, a love so intense that physical pain was no obstacle, that the constant resisting of temptation wasn’t too much to bear, and that his death was not too big a price to pay for my salvation. I heard the song “Jesus Paid It All” today on the radio. It was well timed.

All that just to say that theology has so enriched my relationship with God that I would commend really studying the Bible to everyone. The Gospel has come alive like it never has before. I love Jesus.


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