Grand Torino

This was an intense movie. It leaves you with a question; what do I think about this?

First off, everyone is intensely racist, sexist, and all sorts of vulgar. That said, there are people like those portrayed in the movie. While this story has probably never unfolded in reality, I’m sure the initial situation exists. The guy is a Korean War veteran who nobody likes and who doesn’t like anybody. Since it’s a movie things change and he eventually gets friends, but throughout the whole thing there are so many racial slurs that are used it is almost unbearable (more unbearable because some folks laughed at these situations, hopefully because they were too startled to know how to react).

Secondly, terrible things happen. I mean just awful, gut wrenching, evil things. You can’t help but pray that these things do not happen in reality. Please Lord, don’t let people go through that. These terrible things demand justice. Demand it. You will yearn so much for justice, I guarantee it. And you wonder if or how it will be accomplished, since movies these days seem to let the bad guy off so much and it’s too easy to have a vigilante hero who does things you don’t really approve of.

Basically, Grand Torino is a really heavy movie that many folks will dislike and others will love. It is very intense. I think in the end, you have a respect for most all the characters who matter, but it’s a tough one to watch. Email me if you want to hear about the religious tones of the movie.


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