So while I still want to generate my own ideas and content, I can’t help but share with you (you 12 people) some of the great stuff that I’ve found:

The last line of this made me laugh so much! Progress happens!

I love how Adrian nails some of the issues dealing with discipleship.

These two posts by Tim Challies got me pumped up about discipleship too.

on an embarrassing game show helped to change my perspective. It helped for me to imagine my motivations if I was on the show.

A succinct but powerful quote on dealing with heresy.

It is so necessary to hear good biblical perspective on relationships!

A dear brother was honest about his hypocrisy. It is good to confess and repent!

Some thoughts on a Coldplay interview really convicted me.

CJ Mahaney interviewed John Piper on his blog. I’ll end with a few gems:

What single piece of counsel (or constructive criticism) has most improved your preaching?

Don’t preach in a way that a Muslim would approve. Preach a divine crucified Christ.


What single bit of counsel has made the most significant difference in your effective use of time?

A great tree will fall with many small chops. Pray for daily grace to keep chopping.


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