What Are Your Blog Post Standards

I write a lot for this blog. Most of it (~70%) doesn’t end up getting posted. Even this post almost got stalled in production.

Do you want me to post incomplete, rough, ill conceived posts that would otherwise never see the light of day? Do you post those kind of things? What are your standards?


2 thoughts on “What Are Your Blog Post Standards

  1. I think it’s good to be careful. You want to let things gestate and form until the proper time so that you don’t kill the good potential they could have otherwise.

    My standard is that I don’t want to post anything that would make me ashamed someday were I to apply for a certain job, run for Senator, or candidate for a pastorate.

  2. Scott, thanks for stopping in. Good luck winning the coveted cookies.
    re: your post. I think choosing not to post is usually a good idea. When in doubt, I refrain. Sometimes, I could probably stand to refrain even when I am not in doubt. I would say I don’t post 50% of what I start.

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