The Observation And The Reason for Religious Affections

This is the observation:

“Of the many that were then called, but few were chosen”; of the multitude that were roused and affected by [Jesus’] preaching, and at one time or other appeared mightily engaged, full of admiration of Christ, and elevated with joy, but few were true disciples, that stood the shock of the great trials that came afterwards, and endured to the end: many were like the stony ground, or thorny ground; and but few, comparatively, like the good ground: of the whole heap that was gathered, great part was chaff, that the wind afterwards drove away; and the heap of wheat that was left, was comparatively small; as appears abundantly, by the history of the New Testament.

This is the reason:

THERE is no question whatsoever, that is of greater importance to mankind, and that it more concerns every individual person to be well resolved in, than this, what are the distinguishing qualifications of those that are in favor with God, and entitled to his eternal rewards? Or, which comes to the same thing, What is the nature of true religion? and wherein do lie the distinguishing notes of that virtue and holiness, that is acceptable in the sight of God. But though it be of such importance, and though we have clear and abundant light in the Word of God to direct us in this matter, yet there is no one point, wherein professing Christians do more differ one from another. It would be endless to reckon up the variety of opinions in this point, that divide the Christian world; making manifest the truth of that of our Saviour, “Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, that leads to life, and few there be that find it.”

And this made me so sad:

It appears plainly to have been in the visible church of God, in times of great reviving of religion, from time to time, as it is with the fruit trees in the spring; there are a multitude of blossoms; all of which appear fair and beautiful, and there is a promising appearance of young fruits; but many of ’em are but of short continuance, they soon fall off, and never come to maturity.


Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Next year Bethlehem will be piloting a new Children Desiring God curriculum on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. I am signed up to teach it.

I have fallen in love with complementarianism; it’s biblical and better than egalitarianism. I’m excited to learn and teach on such an important topic! I was considering teaching this next year but had some hesitations. When Connie told me that the curriculum for Wednesday night Connection was going to be this topic, I was so gripped by the subject that I almost said yes immediately (but thought better and put some deep consideration to it). She warned me there may be some flack about it (from the parents). Inside I was thinking “there better be, this is hard stuff! Bring it on!”

There are two primary reasons this gets me going so much. The first is this: I love complementarianism, but I have a difficult time articulating what it is. I can point you to Ephesians 5 or Colossians 3 for a few proof texts, but that’s not enough. I want to be able to show someone why this is the way God intended us to be.

The second reason has to do with teaching in general. I have been thinking about eldership lately, which has me looking for opportunities to teach. I have another opportunity this Sunday, when I will teach the last lesson for 6th grade Sunday School.

Pray for me.

Religious Affections

I just started a class on Jonathon Edwards’ book Religious Affections. I hope to be sharing insights and joys that come from this class with the folks who read this.

By the way, who are you?