Big Decisions

There are a few big decisions that I’m making. The one I’m most excited about is going to remain a secret for now, at least to the blog world. Some friends already know since I talk about it constantly 🙂

The other big decision is this: I’m going to buy a house. Well, I’m going to offer on a house and I hope to get it. It’s a gorgeous house too. A Bethlehem family owns it now, but they already have an offer accepted at a new place, so they want to sell this one. This house is right where I want to live, in the middle of Phillips, near some friends, I could stop looking and just get a house. I’m ready. Lets do it.


Both of these things have the potential to be very good things. Exceedingly good. Like I’m crazy excited to see how they both work out. But they may not. I might not get this house. The other thing could end up flopping (please Lord, let things go well!). I have no control over the decisions others make. I play my part, not theirs. I may want people to think and act in certain ways, but there are no guarantees. Both these things are contingent on the decision of other people, and the Lord will work out all things for the good of those who love Him.

May the Lord do what seems good to Him.


5 thoughts on “Big Decisions

  1. scott,
    the Lord turns the king’s heart like channels of water in his hand; I thought of that verse while reading your description of how the decisions of others will determine your future. it’s a good thing that He reigns.
    I am going to post on what I would do differently since you asked… look out.
    grace and peace, BR

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