Big Answers

God is good.

I’m buying a house! I think everything has been ironed out, all the papers are signed, the loan machine has started, I’m freaking excited! My hopes for this house are huge, I’m praying God works mightily. May it be used by God to bless believers and nonbelievers in the Phillips neighborhood. May God protect this house and those who live in it. May all who enter into this house meet with God. Oh man, I could go on, and I will in my prayers. Please join me in that.

Praying for this decision has resulted in some of the most intimate times with God in my life. I’ve been able to spending days in prayer over decisions, pray (with my realtor!) before we wrote up the offer and have so many of my friends pray for this whole ordeal too. And God is faithful. My greatest prayer was that through all the dealings and if I were to get the house, that His name would be honored. And on the tail end of the buying process, I can say that it has.

The other thing was very good. It didn’t go the way I had hoped, but looking back I’m glad it didn’t. God sanctified and blessed me through that experience, and I expect He will continue to do so.


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