A Reading Resolution

Consider this a New Years resolution, though really more of a life resolution. Rather Edwardsian of me, don’t you think?

  1. Read at least one book per month.
  2. No page limit (but be reasonable).
  3. Books of the Bible don’t count.
  4. Write a post when I finish a book.

I’ll keep track of everything on the Books page of this blog.

This month I’m trying for Heaven, by Randy Alcorn. Yeah I’ve just barely started this 500 page monster and have 8 days to finish, but two twelve hour car rides should push me right along.


Taking Advantage Of Singleness

This is an old post I wrote, just cleaning out the draft folder 🙂

When I’m married, I should…

  • have stability in housing
  • have a steady income
  • spend most of my time with family
  • raise my children well
  • love my wife faithfully
  • lead my family toward Christ

I’m not married now, so I could…

  • travel overseas to encourage missionaries in the field
  • spend time at nursing homes and orphanages to care for those who are often ignored
  • pick up hobbies
  • get very involved in ministry
  • invest in relationships with younger men
  • have a advantageous job that may not pay very well
  • live with minimal expenses
  • give more financially
  • hang out with folks often

It boils down to time. When you get married, your family gets your time. Before those responsibilities, your time can be spent with more freedom.

Memories of Snow

Whenever it snows, memories start to flow. The quiet air reminds me of skiing in Montana. Standing on the mountain, there’s a peace that you feel. All the normal sounds are dampened, leaving you a little more alone than before. It’s great for getting lost in your thoughts.

When my dad was in college, he would drive out to Bridger Bowl each year with his friend Jeff. They stopped when they both got married, started having kids and getting really busy raising them.

But when I was old enough, they decided to start up again. I invited Travis along and the four of us headed West. I’ve probably been skiing without Travis less than 5 times in my life. We’d stay in a hotel for 4 nights, skiing for 4 days, then driving back those 1000 miles.

Our first year, we encountered a run called “Good Clean Fun”, which was nothing of the sort. I hit maybe 3 trees, and Travis ended up needing stitches after a ski to the head. His parents bought him a helmet after that.

One year, there was a huge blizzard and the mountain was closed for the first day and a half we were there. Those next few days though were the best skiing I’ve ever had. Two feet of powder everywhere! Travis took a tumble and we spent 30 minutes looking for his other ski. That’s the year we did Flippers for the first time, a real double black diamond.

More of the family started coming as time went on. My sisters both snowboarded, but Jenna didn’t like it as much as Kate. Jack is a daredevil skier, just like in everything else. Our cousin Luke came last year. This year my aunt Amy and her family will be there right before us, so we’ll take them on the hard stuff on their last day (our first). I wish our cousin Andy could make it too, but he has to work.

It’s amazing what a little snow can bring to mind.