Taking Advantage Of Singleness

This is an old post I wrote, just cleaning out the draft folder 🙂

When I’m married, I should…

  • have stability in housing
  • have a steady income
  • spend most of my time with family
  • raise my children well
  • love my wife faithfully
  • lead my family toward Christ

I’m not married now, so I could…

  • travel overseas to encourage missionaries in the field
  • spend time at nursing homes and orphanages to care for those who are often ignored
  • pick up hobbies
  • get very involved in ministry
  • invest in relationships with younger men
  • have a advantageous job that may not pay very well
  • live with minimal expenses
  • give more financially
  • hang out with folks often

It boils down to time. When you get married, your family gets your time. Before those responsibilities, your time can be spent with more freedom.


2 thoughts on “Taking Advantage Of Singleness

  1. Did you mean ‘invest in relationships with younger me[n]’? Because if you’ve discovered the art of time travel one could argue that how you spend your time becomes somewhat irrelevant… I’m just saying.

    Good post tho… Challenging to think, ‘I’m not married now, so I am…’

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