Birthday Poems

Laura Rose Peterson (sent 1/24/2010, 1 day early)

Tomorrow it happens to be
A day remembered joyfully.
We think of a Rose,
Who did bloom in the snows
of a bleary, cold January.

Katie Burns (sent 2/2/2010, 1 day late)

A Katie Haas was born one day.
She lived her life, and all did say
How welcome they did feel with her.
Then she encountered Trenton Burns.

In love with him, she changed her name
To Burns also, one and the same.
And so I tell a love poem
With none of me, and all of them.

Andrea Froehlich (sent 2/2/2010, 39 days late)

A poem of guilt I give to you
Because you said you wanted one too.
I thought to give one every year
To celebrate the day most dear
When you were born. But I’m the fool
Because you made me break the rule.

James Medina (sent 2/16/2010, 2 days late)

Three days have past since you were last
the age of twenty four.
And life has gone so far along,
so far from Jersey shores.

Those summer days of hot, wet haze
we started to be friends.
I hope to be your friend as we
live long beyond the end.


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