Let’s Be Vulnerable

Molly Piper seems to be one of the most vulnerable bloggers out there. She’s gone through a terrible loss and writes about it. And people hear her. They resonate with the pain she feels. Empathy draws people in so powerfully. She’s written about vulnerability before also, and her authenticity is obvious.

But it’s also clear that she doesn’t complain. She voices frustrations and pain, but in a way that isn’t seeking pity or comfort. It’s revealing and messy, but not degrading or depressing. It leaves a taste of hope in your heart, that things will get better, either in this life or the next. That God is faithful and is working everything for the good of those who love Him. Even the hardest things.

I don’t mention Molly to puff her up, but to hold her up as an example to follow. Let’s draw others in like that. Let’s speak truly about our struggles, our weaknesses, and be encouraged by each other toward Christ. Let’s invite others into our lives to bring about healing and help one another through the good, bad and ugly.

Let’s be vulnerable.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Be Vulnerable

  1. Amen. I love this, and I love reading writers who are vulnerable in the way Molly Piper is. Thanks for writing this and for leading by doing, too.

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