Just Worry Less

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Also, "incredible love"

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Inspired by Jenny.


Ask Me Anything

I love questions, and thought I’d give you, the lonely readers of this slightly pathetic blog, a chance to ask some! They can be about anything, be it personal, historical, comical, and I’ll do my best to answer.

You could ask something like…

  • How long have you had your toes?
  • What’s the circumference of the earth?
  • What’s your mom’s middle name?
  • How are God’s sovereignty and human will reconciled?
  • What do you think of me?
  • Do you like [girl’s name]?

I reserve the right to avoid that last one 🙂

Don’t Worry, You Have No Control

From JT:

The Paradox of Important but Impossible Tasks in Ministry

“The most important things we want to do in ministry are the things we are absolutely powerless to do. And that ought to be the most freeing thing in your life.”

—Kevin DeYoung, speaking at NEXT (audio clip here).

HT: GirlTalk

Here’s the situation: Something is uncontrollable, you are given the opportunity to worry about it.

The typical response is “don’t worry about it, you can’t do anything about it.” This is unsatisfying, because regardless of your influence, you still care about the outcome. The worry (and thus bondage, to contrast with the quote) comes from concern, and unless that concern is eliminated, there will be cause for anxiety.

The true reliever of anxiety is found in the sovereignty of God, coupled with His promises of good for those who love Him. Apart from that, you ought to worry.

An Update

Here’s what’s happened recently:

  • My laptop broke (the biggest reason I’ve been writing here less). I had a bad stick of RAM which, I think, corrupted a system file. I replaced the RAM, but it still won’t boot without a BSOD, so I need to grab my files and reformat. Maybe I’ll try Ubuntu again.
  • I have been keeping up with my reading resolution, just haven’t been posting the reviews. Cut me some slack, I haven’t had a working laptop!
  • A friend just told me “I love your women stories”. I’m not sure what she meant, or if that’s a good thing, but I do have a lot of them. And I got a few more this weekend.
  • Sid (a roommate) and Lacy got married on Saturday! Congrats you two! I’ll certainly miss Sid’s constant antics and Lacy’s frequent visits (she just lived a few houses down). Hopefully we still see each other often!
  • Tristan (another roommate) and I walked down I-35 on Sunday while traffic was stopped because of an accident ahead. It was quite the experience.
  • Slowly but surely, I’m starting to teach more in small group. Dieudonne is leaving in August, and our small group will continue. I’m learning how to lead better, with a lot of grace from the folks in our group.
  • I’ve started a healthy questioning of  my engineering career. In a bid to avoid being limited by my expectations, I’m starting to explore what music production would entail.
  • My (final) roommate Brian buzzed my head a few weeks ago. Don’t worry, I asked him to 🙂
  • The Trinona is coming in less than two weeks! Let’s just say that my training regime hasn’t looked too different from last year.
  • After asking how to cancel my Comcast account, they gave me faster service for $4/month less than what I was paying with my old promotion. But it’s $30/month less than what they wanted to charge me. Internet pricing is such a scam.
  • I’m trying to convince Travis to move in with us. Sid being moved out, Tristan out traveling for work, and Brian having an opposite schedule really makes for a lonely house sometimes.
  • Yardwork is ever looming…

So there you have it, the happening world of Scott.