Don’t Worry, You Have No Control

From JT:

The Paradox of Important but Impossible Tasks in Ministry

“The most important things we want to do in ministry are the things we are absolutely powerless to do. And that ought to be the most freeing thing in your life.”

—Kevin DeYoung, speaking at NEXT (audio clip here).

HT: GirlTalk

Here’s the situation: Something is uncontrollable, you are given the opportunity to worry about it.

The typical response is “don’t worry about it, you can’t do anything about it.” This is unsatisfying, because regardless of your influence, you still care about the outcome. The worry (and thus bondage, to contrast with the quote) comes from concern, and unless that concern is eliminated, there will be cause for anxiety.

The true reliever of anxiety is found in the sovereignty of God, coupled with His promises of good for those who love Him. Apart from that, you ought to worry.


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