Ask Me Anything

I love questions, and thought I’d give you, the lonely readers of this slightly pathetic blog, a chance to ask some! They can be about anything, be it personal, historical, comical, and I’ll do my best to answer.

You could ask something like…

  • How long have you had your toes?
  • What’s the circumference of the earth?
  • What’s your mom’s middle name?
  • How are God’s sovereignty and human will reconciled?
  • What do you think of me?
  • Do you like [girl’s name]?

I reserve the right to avoid that last one 🙂


8 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything

  1. When are you going to get a respectable looking car that always starts?

    ahahahah I crack me up!

    But really, Scott.

    1. Hey now, we fixed the starter! I’m so hesitant to get a new car, I am too much a perfectionist to make a hasty choice. Mainly because cars can be such a mystery; sometimes they are wonderful and others they are miserable.

      I’ll probably drive a few this month

  2. Now we know in part, then in full. Do you think when we get to heaven, we’ll just automatically know and understand everything and then spend eternity worshipping Christ in all his perfection and fullness and glory? Or do you think we’ll spend eternity sitting at his feet learning and worshipping? Or something else entirely?

    And also: what do you think of me?

    Gosh, the latter question seems shallow compared to the former.

  3. I have 3 questions, personal, theological, and comical (but serious), I don’t know if this is breaking the rules, but here goes:

    When are you going to come to my house or invite me to yours? (I suppose meeting at a neutral undisclosed location could suffice, but not be as fun, or would it…)

    Why would God send someone, whom He loves, to hell for eternity for the sole sake of punishment with no chance for repentance when earthly punishment is for the sake of repentance? Why would time be a limiting factor for God?

    Can you go to Hatfield, MN there is an antique store on 2nd St. Once you enter the store, there is a Cuckoo clock on the back wall. At noon on 6-12-10 the bird will go cuckoo-cuckoo. On the 3rd cuckoo, it will drop a key from its mouth. Take this key to the post office on Industrial Ave in North Platte, NE. It will open box number 316. Inside will be small box with another key. Take this key to the DL Evans Bank on S Oneida St in Rupert, ID. It is across from the train tracks. Give them your name and they will lead you to a safety deposit box. Your key opens box 24. In it you will find a new passport, SS number, drivers license, birth certificate, VISA, a stick of gum, and a plane ticket. Place the gum in your mouth and exit as quickly as possible. Upon leaving the bank you will encounter a man named Bill. He will be wearing a flannel shirt and cowboy boots, don’t worry, he will blend in but he will recognize you. Follow him to his vehicle, a rusted out pickup truck. From there, he will escort you to the Seattle-Tacoma Intl. airport. On the way you will enter the Ampco parking garage in downtown Seattle. Here Bill will have a limo parked and he will changes clothes and escort you to the airport. Your airline will be NZ 9741. Board the plane without speaking to anyone. When you arrive at the Brisbane airport, Ben and Nate will greet you at the gate. Can you say hi to them for me? Thanks. You will be staying until June 28…you should probably take some PTO from work 🙂

  4. How do businesses manage to do business if they’re only open during business hours when potential customers are busy doing business at their businesses?

    This has long mystified me.

    1. The key is “potential” customers. They may want your product or service, but they aren’t your target market. An example: garage sales that end before 5 pm.

      One terrible exception I can think of: MNDOT. Doctors do it too, scheduling most of their appointments during the work day. But this highlights another factor: when people need your service, they will submit to inconveniences.

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