May Reading: Pilgrim’s Progress

I love to read fiction. I grew up in the library, burning through the Animorphs, Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, the Dune series, and so much more. I would say hello to the librarian, head straight to the Science Fiction/Fantasy racks and try to find a book I hadn’t read.

Reading nonfiction is hard. I thrive on the story, on the narrative pulling me along with the characters, watching their victories, failures, heart aches, laughs; their lives. When it came to the Bible, the Old Testament stories were far more appealing to me than the (perceived) self help style of the Epistles. I’ve since come to love the whole Bible, and appreciate each book as it’s own and as part of a whole, but to understand my appreciation of The Pilgrim’s Progress, by John Bunyan, you have to see where I’m coming from.

This book was wonderful. Following Christian through his journeys, through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, or his encounter with the Giant Despair, these are such beautiful analogies to every Christian’s journey. Then to see his wife travel the same path yet have different adventures! This was encouraging too. The blatant parallels to the walk of the believer makes this story come to life in ways I’ve rarely seen (Chronicles of Narnia is another example).

You will be blessed by this book.


3 thoughts on “May Reading: Pilgrim’s Progress

  1. It’s an amazing book, I’m sure God inspired his author.
    I was reading Spurgeon biography and I found out that this great preacher started to look for answers about his salvation after has read this book.

    p.s.1: Mmm.. I have no idea how I arrived to this blog =P

    p.s.2: I’m sorry for my english (I’m just learning)

    God bless you =)

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