Take A Walk

One of my favorite quotes is from an article by David Murray:

Here’s a test: Spend one day surfing the Internet and spend another roaming your neighborhood. See how many good dinner table stories you have after each. There won’t be a contest.

Yesterday I walked to the Convention Center. In that one half hour…

  • I saw Tom hitting up Abraham for a job shoveling his walk.
  • I chatted with Tom as we headed down 11th. He told me all about the places he goes to shovel, what folks give him for it, how he gets new clients, etc. He’s a very talkative fellow.
  • I walked past a drug deal in progress. One guy says “why don’t I just buy from him?” “It’ll be 20 minutes, just wait.” I kept walking.
  • A man asked me for money.
  • Another guy, who was likely mentally hindered in some way, walked across Franklin with oncoming traffic. They stopped and honked, while he talked to himself about how people need to be aware of where they’re driving.
  • A woman was walking her dog, talking to it in a really high pitched voice. She went down about 3 octaves to say hi to me.
  • A business man glanced at me, and walked on.

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