What I’m Praying For

My Shepherd Group

That they would see Jesus clearly in the Gospel according to Mark. That this small group planting would be a blessing to each of them. That the pains and frustrations and anxieties they have will be assuaged in Christ. That my sin would be kept from harming them.

My Small Group (of 8th graders)

That they would really love Jesus, and know Him in a saving and fulfilling way. That they would see Jesus in me and the other leaders. That they would grow up to be men of God.

My Neighbors

That the girls would be safe, and that our house would love them well. That America and her children would be safe and feel welcome in the neighborhood. That we could get to know Danny and Lisa, and the tin house. That Jason and Amy would feel blessed by having us across the street.

My Roommates

That we would love each other in real ways. That Ben and Tristan’s affections for the Lord would rule their affections for their girlfriends. That Brandon would be a blessing to Tobias and would grow in wisdom. That Brian would find a day job and be satisfied with being in Minnesota.

My Family

That my sister would find a wonderful job in Colorado, and that she wouldn’t feel as far away as I fear. That my other sister would find enjoyment in her job and she would not get towed anymore. That I would have more opportunity to spend time with my brother; I’m so thankful for our relationship. That my parents would continue to love each other more and more, and I could be closer to them than ever before. That my grandparents would be healthy and have a saving relationship with Jesus. That my aunts and uncles and cousins would know Him too, and the cares of this world wouldn’t grow up and choke out their fruit.

My Soul

That I would receive correction well. That I would enjoy the Lord more and more every day. That I would find a woman who I can love and care for with the love of Christ. That I would care more about others than myself. That I would pray more and more.


One thought on “What I’m Praying For

  1. hello mr jacobs… I knew from the first time I met you, you would be a wonderful man. I stumbled upon this site this morning and have been reading a few of your blogs… What a great man you’ve become!!
    Keep up the great spirit and one day that women will arrive.. Can she be blonde? haha
    Love and hugs to you.

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