How Much Would You Pay?

Would you pay $500 so one person would know Jesus in a saving way?

How about $1000?

How about $5000?

How about everything you make in a year?

Would that be worth it?

2 years and $720 later, 6 people now know Jesus.

Support missionaries.


Financial Support Changes

I sent this email out to those I support toward the beginning of the year. It’s been helpful when deciding whether to support someone or not, and people have appreciated the thought given to the decision. I’d recommend coming up with a list of priorities to everyone.

I’m changing how I go about financially supporting people to reflect my personal convictions and priorities, while remaining biblically faithful. If you are receiving this email, it means that I financially support you.


  • Enabling and encouraging new missionaries
    • I want to be able to say yes to people who are testing the missions field, enabling them to experience what it is like.
    • Once a person has experienced missions, their pool of potential financial support will likely increase.
  • Focusing on long term missions
    • I have seen how effective long term relationships are when reaching difficult hearts.
  • Focusing on unreached peoples
    • I can’t single-handedly counterbalance statistics that show how small a percentage of support goes to unreached peoples, but you always fail if you never try.
    • This will negatively affect those of you who are domestic missionaries.
  • Rebalancing my giving
    • I love my local church and have become convicted of how my support for it compares to other ministries.
    • Bethlehem is a magnet for missionaries, often painfully so (i.e. folks come for training and support, you love them, they leave). Thus, giving to my church is strategic for global outreach.

Prayer Support

I don’t intend this change to be reflected in my prayers for you. I’ll continue to plead with God to bless your ministries, to win and build (and send) disciples who love Him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

This is not an exhaustive defense of these convictions. Please be gracious in your reading. Give feedback if you feel it appropriate.

In Jesus,