How Much Would You Pay?

Would you pay $500 so one person would know Jesus in a saving way?

How about $1000?

How about $5000?

How about everything you make in a year?

Would that be worth it?

2 years and $720 later, 6 people now know Jesus.

Support missionaries.


None Other Can Console Me

My prayers feel like poison
How could I draw you into this
My sin has separated me
I pray in my unrighteousness

I give God cause to hate me
Then I approach the great white throne
I hate myself for what I’ve done
But I can come to Him alone

Though I feel unworthy
And that I am in this dark season
None other can console me
None other has the right or reason

Jesus Christ, my righteousness
By His dark death I am now pleading
He is all my hope and stay
His broken body bloodied, bleeding

Nailed on the tall Roman cross
To cancel death and sin’s old power
He advocates for me today
And I run to Him, my strong tower

February Reading: Seeing And Savoring Jesus Christ

I’ve been working through Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ for a while now. Since I hadn’t really read much in February, I thought I’d finish it real quick to make good on my resolution.

I kind of liked the book

You know some books are so engaging that you get sucked in and barely have enough time to breath between chapters? This wasn’t one of those for me.

Honestly, I don’t remember a lot of it. Stretching a book out over a month or two always leaves me wishing I had finished it faster. There were good chapters and less interesting ones. The Tough Side was one of my favorites. I was surprised at how quick the book went by. Short chapters will do that for you. I really loved the prayers.

The afterword should have been first.

The afterword was so helpful describing Piper’s purpose that I wish he had put it first. The way it framed everything in the (sadly) preceding chapters made it all seem to light up with understanding. But it was such a struggle to make it through! If it had been first, the vision he cast would have drawn me along, instead of leaving me wanting things that weren’t there. And the foreword seemed to be just right for finishing the book. Just swap them.

It’s a good lens.

This book is clearly not a substitute for actually reading about Jesus within the Biblical context. Every chapter reminds you of where all this stuff comes from. It could be described as a lens: helpful for correcting vision and seeing things you didn’t before, but not the object you’re looking at. And it embraces that vision, trying to guide you to appreciate the Jesus of the Bible more on every page. So…

Read this book, then read the Bible.

Actually see and savor Jesus Christ. That’s why Pastor John wrote it.

Guarding God’s Glory Gone Wrong

“Before Abraham was, I am”

-Jesus, John 8:58

When learning a different language, the student is always confronted with the “to be” verb. In German: sein. In Greek: eimi. In Chinese: shì. In English it takes many forms: am, are, is, was, will be, etc. It captures the essence of existence, of being.

This is the most provocative, incredible proclaimation of Christ’s divinity I have ever read. Hearkening back to the very name of God,  Jesus claims something which only God can claim. He claims existence, pure and eternal. He claims to be God.

The pharasee’s picked up rocks to stone him. I would have too.