Clothes Poem

Written on April 1, 2011. I had just started talking with Nathalia.

Pacing about piles of my clothing on the floor.
Thinking all these thoughts about how I wanted more.
Life ought to be lived to the highest of degrees.
As simple as that sounds, I still find it hard to please
myself in all the things that I do hope still to achieve.
Perhaps my lot in this short life will come about with ease.
Or maybe struggles are for me, my anthem through the fire
God, my hope, is comforting, while trudging through this mire.


Can It Be True?

Can it be true?
That I would find a girl like you?
A beautiful flower all for myself,
So precious and innocent, saved for me?
How can this be?

I know it is true.
Your beauty is great and runs through
your face and your hands and your heart
So pure and lovely, I can hardly stand.
And I’m your man.