The Flintstone Age

Someone I work with made a comment the other day about Fred Flintstone. When I didn’t remember how loud Fred’s sneezes were, the response was “oh you probably don’t remember the Flintstones.”

Of course I remember the Flintstones! How could I not! They are one of the classics! But then I got to thinking. That generation of cartoons were on the way out when I was growing up. The Flintstones and Jetsons were getting replaced with Recess and Ninja Turtles.

I wonder if kids today know how their vitamins got such a funny name…


Taking Advantage Of Singleness

This is an old post I wrote, just cleaning out the draft folder 🙂

When I’m married, I should…

  • have stability in housing
  • have a steady income
  • spend most of my time with family
  • raise my children well
  • love my wife faithfully
  • lead my family toward Christ

I’m not married now, so I could…

  • travel overseas to encourage missionaries in the field
  • spend time at nursing homes and orphanages to care for those who are often ignored
  • pick up hobbies
  • get very involved in ministry
  • invest in relationships with younger men
  • have a advantageous job that may not pay very well
  • live with minimal expenses
  • give more financially
  • hang out with folks often

It boils down to time. When you get married, your family gets your time. Before those responsibilities, your time can be spent with more freedom.