Why I’m Quitting Twitter

It’s distracting

I find myself waking up in the morning and the first thing I do is reach for my phone. In the midst of prayer I’ll think “I should tweet this”. Just this morning I was thinking how beautiful of a morning it was, and my first instinct was to tweet about it. Or how I heard about the Chris Thile concert this coming Monday and wanted to tell/invite everyone to come (you should come).

It’s voyeuristic

I end up knowing more about what folks are doing than I want to. People don’t realize how much information they share online. But more than that, my imagination runs wild. Relationships seem more real than they are, like I was there when they “just had a great time at the coffee shop”. Then disappointment comes when I realize I wasn’t there, and wasn’t invited either (and why should I have been? I barely know them!). That’s no way to live.

It’s not all bad

There are a lot of things I’ll miss about Twitter. Like how I was reminded about a Derek Webb concert. Or keeping up with people’s lives. Hearing of things to pray for. Catching glimpses of what peoples’ bible studies.There are a few relationships that Twitter was instrumental in developing. I’ve thought about quitting for a long time, but these relationships are all that’s kept me from doing it. I hope they stay strong (and get stronger).

But it’s bad enough to quit

My blog will still update twitter, and I will still get the emails about DMs. I may check for mentions every few weeks, but my consumption is cut off.

Pastor John wrote an article about Twitter before he joined. In it he worried that it would have negative effects. Well, it has for me and so I hereby quit Twitter.


Social Media: Twitter

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about social media. Questions like “What role should twitter play in my day to day life?” and “What is appropriate to blog about?” and “What information should I share on my Facebook profile?” just beg to be answered (if you’re me). So I thought I’d give it a shot. Lets start with…

Lets start small. Like 140 characters small. At first, I had no idea how to use Twitter.

But after a while, you start to understand that Twitter is so much more than a status update. It’s a conversation. Or it’s a place to ask questions. Or it’s a place to keep current on a cool movie. I hear the search is really useful.

I like to use it for those thoughts that are too short to blog about. And as a giant chat room. You can follow me if you want.

Of course Twitter has it’s drawbacks, but I’ll save all the social media negatives for one post. That way you will only see the bad stuff once, and it’ll seem less important. Kind of like how a kid would choose 10 pennies over 4 quarters. So I’m manipulating you, like I would a child.

Next I’ll do blogging. Stay tuned!