Roles and Adoption

I just have to share these two articles.

  1. The first is part 1 of a series that C.J. Mahaney is writing on Roles. It’s a long read but a fantastic view of our situations and vocations. I don’t quite get it all yet, but this is something that I’ve been processing a lot since entering the working world.
  2. The second is part 3 of a series of reflections on the recent adoption of a little girl Mya. All three of these posts have touched me, but this one resonated so clearly with my desire to fulfill James 1:27 in my own life (specifically through adoption and working with the elderly). I hope and pray that everyone who reads these posts are convicted to adopt as well.

Grace and Peace!


What I do at work

I do a number of things, so I’ll break it down a little:
1) I do testing: we make changes to a design or modify some part and then need to figure out how it changed things. So we test the important stuff, like how much noise is there in our system (radio frequency noise, I can explain more if you want me to). Our goal is to get our wireless radio working well enough to have reliable data transfer between the hearing aid and the programmer, between the hearing aid and another hearing aid, and between the hearing aid and a remote (to control the audio modes of the hearing aid).

2) I interpret the results of testing: We get a bunch of data and then we need to make decisions about it. First we need to figure out what the data is telling us, so often we make a bunch of graphs in excel or matlab (a math program) that make it easier to see trends.

3) I write code: this is not really part of my job, but I want to be prepared in case I ever do need to write code. So I’m learning a few programming languages (AutoHotKey and Python) in the hopes that I will be able to apply this knowledge to some problem I may have in the future. Most of the code I am trying to figure out will make doing numbers 1 and 2 a lot easier 🙂

4) I go to meetings: enough said

5) other stuff: I manage the website that my group is supposed to use (but doesn’t) to communicate with each other and store documents. I’ll talk about my observations of our system (the hearing aid+wireless stuff) with folks to get a better understanding of how everything works. that’s all i care to think of right now

Numbers 1 and 2 are the more important things that I do. Learning code is really boring when you don’t have some problem you’re trying to solve with it, so that part is sometimes exciting sometimes not. And I’m supposed to start helping another guy do work with antennas, which is really tough but really interesting.